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The Enneagram and the MBTI ® is an electronic journal dedicated to providing a forum in which the relationship between the two personality systems can be explored in depth and in detail, and publicly debated. In this journal we seek to publish materials that are primarily on this topic. Papers on theory are welcome, as are papers on empirical studies. We also invite less formal papers on relevant personal and/professional experiences. And we encourage you to join in on more spontaneous ongoing discussions of related issues by using our easy-access message board - The Community Forum.

Volume 1, Issue 7
last updated - 1/ 25/ 04

Welcome to our SEVENTH ISSUE. In addition to papers on theory and empirical study, this issues contains our regularly appearing feature pages. We invite you to experience the written and visual works of art presented in this issue, to guess the Enneagram and MBTI types of the contributing artists, and to join in on the discussion about type, art, and the written word that these works have precipitated.

The Letters to the Editor section contains messages we received since the last issue.

The javascript tool for exploring typological space also remains available, along with links to other Enneagram- MBTI theories and materials. If you don't know your type, feel free to use the links to the on-line Riso-Hudson, MBTI or Keirsey tools provided here. Or explore our own experimental type instrument (the FD33) and participate in our on-line type survey.

Check out the other clickable items on this page at your leisure - the site search engine, internet traffic report, and tips on traveling the web. We continue to look forward to your comments, questions, and suggestions. So leave a message for us.

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For a brief review of what is included in this SEVENTH issue, click on 'About This Issue' below. Previous Issues of the Journal continue to be accessible in the Archive


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About this Issue


From our (unmanifest) EIGHTH ISSUE:

John Fudjack:
Six Phases in the Development of Jung's Theory of Types
          posted 6/27/2005

Michael G. Huber:
Counterphobia - Hunting Good Will
          posted 7/04/2002

Roslyn Kopel Gross:
The Characters that Gave Birth to Type? - Isabel Myers' pre-MBTI novel, Murder Yet to Come
          posted 3/04/2002

Roger Clough:
Ouroborus: Story Composition and Analysis Using Feng Shui and the Enneagram
          posted 1/28/2002

John Gonsowski:
Personality, Physics and Spirituality: A Common Geometry
          posted 12/24/2001

John Fudjack and Patricia Dinkelaker:

What We Mean When We Speak of the 'inFp', etc - A Critique of the J/P Designation in the MBTI

The Feeling Function: Level One
The Feeling Function: Level Two
The Feeling Function: Level Three

Roslyn Kopel Gross:

Typing Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte

Patricia Dinkelaker and/or John Fudjack:

Losing Face - A 3-D Puzzle

Escher's Liminocentric Eye

About Face - Art and Personality

About Face Again -


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